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Eco-Friendly Exterminator, Removal of Spiders, Ants, Wasps, Cockroaches and More

Boise is a great place to live - for humans, that is. Unfortunately, Boise is also home to many pests that can invade our homes and businesses and cause a nuisance. More than just being annoying and unsightly, many of those pests can cause structural damage and health risks. This is why it's so important to eradicate pests as soon as their presence is detected. It's easier to get rid of them before they've had a chance to set up shop. For that, turn to Eco Pest Control.

residential pest control Boise Idaho

Residential Pest Control Service

Rodents, ear wigs, boxelders and Black Widow spiders are among the most common pests in Boise ID. At Eco Pest Control, we only use unscented, environmentally-friendly pest control products that are gentle on the surrounding environment, pets and kids, yet extremely effective on bugs and other pests. We specialize in residential pest control and can come out to your home to provide an inspection.

Catching the problem early is key, as is implementing a prevention plan going forward. Our specialists are well trained and experienced in dealing with a wide spectrum of pest problems, developing customized comprehensive solutions for each individual property. The effectiveness of our methods and the safety of your family is always of the utmost importance to us.

Residential Pest Control
commercial pest-control-Boise Idaho

Commercial Exterminator and Pest Control Company

Pests can be very bad for business. Not only can they cause costly property damage, they can contaminate your food supplies, which can make employees and customers sick. Here at Eco Pest Control, we make it our business to rid your company of pests and implement a prevention plan that ensures they don't come back. You can't afford the damage to your bottom line and reputation if pests set up shop!

We provide an immediate emergency response when alerted to an infestation, gaining access to an extensive arsenal of pest control products and methods. This allows us to determine the fastest and most effective way to deal with the issue at hand. One we have contained the immediate threat, we will develop a comprehensive pest prevention plan that considers the property's location, surroundings, and seasonal changes. We will do everything we can to make sure your property remains pest-free year-round.

Commercial Pest Control

Rats, Carpenter Ant Control, Flea Control, Black Widow Service, Spider Elimination, Rodent Control, Crickets, Grasshoppers, Stinging Insects, Wasps and Hornets and much more!

Pest Control & Extermination

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We offer eco-friendly and professional pest control services. Complete eradication of ants, spiders, rats, mice, mosquitos, cockroaches, flies and more Boise and Meridian, Idaho area

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Eco Pest Control is the trusted pest control expert in Boise, ID and all surrounding areas. We're a small, locally owned company that offers both residential and commercial pest exterminator and pest prevention service. Specializing in the treatment of indoor and outdoor pests, we are trained and certified exterminators who offer free estimates and inspections.

Trained and certified exterminators in Idaho

Eco Pest Control's professional exterminators are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of pest control methods and products. Rest assured, when you call us, you get us. Period. No waiting around like you would with the big companies.
Ants, black widows, wasps, hornets, rodents, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ticks, boxelders, crickets and more.

Eco Pest Control provides services in the Boise ID area, including Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Mountain Home and surrounding areas.

Eco Pest Control Offers Eco-Friendly products for your family, pets and environment

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