spider-treatment pest control Boise, ID
Spider Exterminator Boise, ID

Spider Exterminator Boise, Idaho

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Spider-control Boise, Idaho

Spider Control & Treatment Boise, Idaho

Spiders are a major concern for home and business owners in Boise, Idaho. The most common spiders here are the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Hobo Spider and House Spider, which thrive in this dry, semi-arid climate. When disturbed, these pests can pose a pesky or poisonous risk to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get bitten. Black Widows are particularly dangerous, identified by the colored, hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomens.

Black Widow Spider

There are several species of Black Widows, the most serious of which has venom that can be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake's. In humans, bites manifest as muscle aches, nausea, and a paralysis of the diaphragm which makes breathing difficult. Small children, the elderly, or the infirm are the most at risk for adverse side effects. If you have spotted a Black Widow spider or any other kind of spider in your residence, call Eco Pest Control right away for complete safe eradication.

The team at Eco Pest Control would be happy to come out and take a look, then develop a plan of removal based on the type of spider and threat level to occupants.

Prompt, Safe, Effective Control

Using a time-tested approach, we can quickly and effectively control both indoor and outdoor spider infestations. While most spiders are harmless and are more like nuisances, others can actually be very dangerous. They gain entry into your home through loose screens as well as cracks under doors, windows, and other openings.

Pest Free Home is a Spider Free Home

Their primary goal is to search for food, mates, warmth, or moisture. Other insects in the home may also attract them as potential prey. Spiders also get a free ride into your home on pets, plants, firewood and clothing.

If you are facing a spider infestation, particularly with Black Widows, call Eco Pest Control for immediate pest control service in Boise, Meridian, ID and surrounding area. We would be happy to give you a free pest inspection and quote on spider removal at 208-600-8734.

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