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Are Clover Mites in Idaho Dangerous? Boise, Idaho
Are Clover Mites in Idaho Dangerous?, ID
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Apr 25, 2024

Clover Mite Control in Boise, ID

Have you been spotting tiny red bugs around your house and don’t know what they are? They could likely be clover mites. These mites are arachnids, and are cousins of the tick and spider. You may think of them as dust mites that crawl all over you and your bedding to feed on skin cells, but clover mites aren’t like dust mites in that respect. They do share some things in common but consuming protein isn’t one of them.

When crushed, they leave behind red stains, but fear not: this isn’t blood. Rather, it’s a pigment from their bodies. Clover mites in Boise ID like to eat grass, clover, and other plants; not blood. That doesn’t mean they don’t cause damage.

Do Clover Mites Pose a Danger?

In short, no. But while they do not bite like some insects, or carry diseases like cockroaches, this doesn’t mean they don’t pose a danger – to your property. They don’t want a blood meal but they do want to feast on your plants. Occasionally, they will make it inside your house. While they don’t damage your furniture, they will stain your light-colored walls, fabrics, carpet, or papers when they are crushed. Their eggs are also bright red.

This red pigment is nearly impossible to get out, so it’s best they not be allowed in your home in the first place. They congregate in large numbers, especially in sunny locales, so you may see them in your sunrooms, living rooms, or porches. They can gain access to your home through the smallest of cracks and crevices. You practically need a magnifying glass to find the cracks that they get into!

This is why clover mite populations are so hard to get rid of on your own. You can try leaving a grass-free strip of about a foot around the perimeter of your foundation. However, usually, DIY control in McCall ID fails. This is why most people end up calling a Cascade pest control technician to get rid of the problem fast.

Why Are Clover Mites So Hard to Control?

Keeping these tiny red bugs out will be tougher than you think. Here’s why:

  • They’re small and difficult to seal out.
  • They make their way into wall voids that are hard to access and treat.
  • They are tough to control with chemicals that are safe for use in your house.
  • DIY control of clover mites often fails, leading to continued frustration and stained and damaged belongings.

Contact Eco Pest Control for Clover Mite Control in Boise, ID

Because clover mites are so tiny and hard to keep out, it’s important to have a pest control technician experienced in clover mite control in Boise ID come out for a pest inspection. Contact us at 208-600-8734 now for a free quote and inspection, and our Boise, ID exterminators will be in touch shortly.

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