Ant-treatment pest control Boise, Idaho
Top Strategies For Keeping Ants Out of Your Restaurant Boise, Idaho
Top Strategies For Keeping Ants Out of Your Restaurant Boise, ID
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Dec 27, 2023

An infestation of ants in Boise can be alarming and concerning if customers spot them.

Pests like ants will set up shop wherever they can find shelter and food. Unfortunately, that makes restaurants one of their top destinations. An infestation of ants in Boise can be alarming and concerning if customers spot them. They can contaminate your food, cause a loss of reputation, and even earn you some hefty fines.

You don’t want anyone questioning how healthy and sanitary your restaurant really is, so it’s important to take preventative measures to make your establishment less appealing to ants. You can do that with the help of commercial ant treatments in Boise.

Keep Things Clean

Cleanliness is critical when running a restaurant. Customers who encounter a messy, dirty establishment will be less likely to eat there, meaning you will lose business and your reputation will take a hit. Adding insult to injury, if local health inspectors think your restaurant is unsanitary, you will have to shut down temporarily to resolve the problem.

To avoid this, keep a clean space. Ants will invade areas where food scraps and moisture are present, so wipe up all crumbs, clean dirty dishes right away, and mop up spills as they happen.

Seal Points of Entry

Ants are tiny and can therefore gain entry into your restaurant in any number of ways with no trouble at all. To make it more difficult for them, seal any cracks or gaps around the exterior of your business. Close doors and windows, place area rugs by entrances, and sweep regularly. Your commercial pest control professional in Boise would be happy to identify access points before ants become a problem.

Take Out the Trash

Keeping trash out will only serve as a big invitation to ants. As a restaurant owner, make sure your employees know to take out the trash as it fills up. This is important, as most of your refuse is likely made up of food scraps, which is just the meal ants are looking for. Coming up with a proper waste management strategy on a daily basis will keep the ants away.

Signs You Have an Ant Infestation

Even if you’ve spotted just one or two ants here or there so far, this doesn’t mean you don’t have hundreds more waiting behind the walls. Ants are social beings that travel in colonies. One ant could just be the first in hundreds, if not thousands, that are waiting nearby.

Here are a few other signs your restaurant has an ant infestation:

  • Nests: Look for small piles of dirt or soil around the property, which is where they make their nests.
  • Customer complaints: You may not have seen ants yourself, but if your customers say they have, take them seriously. You’re busy running a business; they bring a different perspective that can pick up on things you’re missing. Address any mention of ants right away.
  • Noise: It’s possible to hear certain ant species behind the walls, which is more likely at night when the restaurant is closed and quiet. Carpenter ants in particular are noisy as they chew their way through wooden structures.
  • Ant frass: Look for small piles of what looks like sawdust around the restaurant. In actuality, this is a waste product called ant frass. This contains wood debris and ant feces, which can pose a health hazard when found near food prep and consumption areas.

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