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Feb 25, 2024

Essential Guide to Restaurant Pest Control in Boise

Do you own a restaurant in Boise? You of all people know the importance of keeping a clean establishment so as not to attract pests. But did you know why pest control is so important in the food industry? For one, pests can spread disease. For another, they can damage your property and your reputation. To prevent an infestation, engage in routine pest control by hiring an commercial exterminator in Boise to keep your business free from critters of all kinds.

A Look at the Top Kitchen Pests

From rats and mice to cockroaches and ants, there are many common kitchen pests that can invade your restaurant. It’s important to know as much as you can about these pests, what the signs of infestation are, and what attracts them.

Rats and Mice

Hands down, these are the most common kitchen pests in any restaurant. They build nests close to food sources and emerge at night to cause damage. Not only can rats chew through electrical wiring, food containers, machinery and packaging, they can breed quickly and transmit diseases.


The German cockroach is one of the most common cockroaches in the Boise area. These bad boys carry parasitic worms, as well as bacteria and human pathogens, causing a wide range of allergic reactions and asthma symptoms. Debris is picked up on their legs and transferred to other surfaces as they move through workstations, equipment and food. Because they are so small, they can hide in cracks and crevices near food and water sources, only coming out at night when everyone’s gone.


  • Fruit flies: Small with bright red eyes and black or tan bodies, fruit flies feed on fermented over-ripe fruits and vegetables. You’ll see them most in the summer and fall.
  • House flies: Dull gray in color, these flies are drawn to decaying matter, garbage, and food odors. You’ll see them around trash cans and dumpsters, as well as countertops and workstations, where they spread diseases.
  • Drain flies: Similar in appearance to moths, these flies love decayed organic matter, so you will find them in or around drains, and under floor mats and cabinets.
  • Phorid flies: Drawn to decaying matter and grease, these flies congregate and breed at grease traps.


Odorous house ants, AKA sugar ants, are commonly found in kitchens. They prefer to make their nests near water sources such as sinks or pipes. Because there can be multiple queens, it can be quite a challenge to keep them under control. Numerous nests could be built before you even know they’re there.

Merchant Grain Beetles

These are common stored-food pests that enjoy grain, fruit, dried pantry goods and tobacco. They are slender and dark brown in color. They don’t fly, sting or bite, but they do contaminate food.

Silverfish and Firebrats

These wingless insects enjoy sugars and starches. Silverfish are gray, silver or blue, while firebrats are gray-brown in color. They are nocturnal, and so invade businesses during the night, particularly during summer. They don’t bite but they do cause damage and contaminate food.

Commercial Pest Control For Restaurants in Boise

Prevention is your best bet, so call our Boise exterminators to engage in regular pest control maintenance of your restaurant. Contact us at 208-600-8734 for a free consultation and quote.

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