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How is Your Home Attracting Pests? Boise, Idaho
How is Your Home Attracting Pests? Boise, ID
Pest Control
July 30, 2023

Pest Will Find Their Way In

You may think your home is pest proof, but the truth is, pests like rodents and insects can get inside your abode easier than you think. In fact, you may be sending mixed signals to pests by your lifestyle and your lack of maintenance. Here’s how you can enforce a “no vacancy” policy in your home. Of course, having a strong pest management company in Boise ID behind you is key.

Basically, pests can get into your home easily when they are searching for:

  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food
  • Protection from heat in summer
  • Warmth in winter

Is your home attractive to pests? If you think so, keep reading.

How Are Pests Getting In?

Knowing how pests are gaining entry into the house is the first step. They are likely getting in through:

  • Pets and Pet Doors: Openings in your home designed for cats and dogs to enter and exit as they please will also allow pests to do the same thing. Reconsider the presence of these entry points, or seal existing ones. Your pets may also be bringing in mites, lice, fleas, and other pests and parasites on their fur.
  • Firewood: A cozy fireplace is the perfect remedy for humans on a cold night, but beware what those logs are bringing into your home. Spiders and ants commonly hitch rides inside your house on those fire logs. Only haul wood inside as you burn it; leave what you don’t need right now outside instead of storing it on your hearth for long periods of time. Outside, keep firewood off the ground and don’t store it close to your foundation. Stacks should stay 50 feet or more from your house. That’s because wood piles attract termites and carpenter ants.
  • Outdoor Lighting: The bright lights can attract thousands of bugs after being turned on for just an hour, due to the bulbs’ wavelength and temperature. You may want to install bug lights that use a less attractive light spectrum for insects. Use these bulbs for lights closest to your home while also installing motion sensor lights to limit the appeal.
  • Clogged Gutters: Debris in your gutters can act as a breeding ground for insects and other pests. On a regular basis, clear debris from your clogged rain gutters so as to prevent infestations. You also don’t want clogged gutters because they can cause pooling water that backs up underneath your roof. That damage will then invite insects inside. Squirrels and other rodents will use roof cracks as entry points into your attic. Insects tend to gravitate to clogged gutters due to the warm and moist environment. Insects aren’t the only pests that like clogged gutters -- birds eat the plant material inside while damaging your gutters.
  • Dirty Dishes: Food scraps on dirty dishes are like a beacon to insects and rodents. Don’t assume that filling your pots and pans with water and soap to soak for hours will be fine, as insects also love water. Try not to leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, no matter how tempting it may be.

Pest Control in Boise, ID

Our pest control company in Boise knows common entry points for pests and can give you advice on how to keep them out. If you find yourself with an infestation of any kind, give us a call at 208-600-8734 or contact us online.

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