Termite exterminator pest control Boise, Idaho
The Destructive Nature of Termites Boise, Idaho
The Destructive Nature of Termites Boise, ID
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Jan 27, 2023

Termites; Understanding Termites and Their Destruction

No one wants to hear they have termites. Their presence in your home can only mean one thing: expensive structural damage. This is why you should have a Boise termite exterminator in your back pocket to keep these infestations at bay.

The thing about termite damage is that it can go on behind the scenes for years before you even become aware they are there. Only when a significant structural problem becomes apparent can you formulate a plan of attack. By then, a lot of the damage has been done. Here is a look at why termites are so destructive and why you need a Boise exterminator to save your home.

Termites: Defined

Termites look like ants, but they’re not. In the wild, ants and termites are fierce enemies, and ants usually come out on top, believe it or not. In reality, termites are closer to cockroaches than they are to ants. Globally, there are 3,100 species of termites. On their own, out in nature, they’re actually quite beneficial, recycling detritus such as animal feces and dead wood. However, when they invade homes, they can threaten the very structural integrity of the building.

Why So Destructive?

Termites are so destructive because they use wood as their food source. They are able to break down this tough material thanks to protozoa and microbes in their guts that convert it into energy. The 2x4s used in wood-frame houses are no different to a termite than a dead log out in the woods. To a termite, wood is wood! They can severely damage homes, decks, garages, outbuildings, and sheds as they chomp their way through, resulting in five billion dollars in damage in this country every year.


Unlike with other pests such as spiders or wasps, you can’t just wait termites out. In fact, the longer you wait to address the problem, the worse the situation will become, and the more money you will have to shell out in repairs. Did you know termite queens are the longest living insect in the whole insect kingdom, living more than 30 years? Waiting them out is not an option.

There’s not much you can do as a homeowner to get rid of termites. This type of infestation, which happens entirely behind the scenes, requires the attention of a professional termite exterminator in Boise to have any chance of success. They can bring the tools, baits and other solutions to ensure your home remains termite-free.

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