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How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Walls Boise, Idaho
How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Walls Boise, ID
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Apr 25, 2024

Effective Strategies for Removing Mice from Your Boise Home's Walls


It’s never easy or fun to deal with a mouse infestation in your Boise home. It’s even worse when they find their way into your walls, which poses an even bigger removal challenge. Because mice spread harmful diseases and destroy drywall and wiring, it’s important to address the infestation quickly. The best way to do that is to hire a professional Boise rodent exterminator.

How to Identify Mice in Your Walls

The first step is to identify the presence of mice in your walls. Here’s what to look for:

Physical Characteristics

Mice, small rodents with pointed snouts, have large ears, and long, thin tails. They are light brown or black in color, measuring about eight inches long. They are quite nimble and can hide in small spaces, such as in wall cavities. It’s likely that before you even spot a live mouse, you will see other signs of their presence, such as:

  • Droppings (small brown pellets that look like a grain of rice)
  • Grease marks on walls or along baseboards
  • Chew marks on food containers


Mice may alert you to their presence with:

  • Squeaking
  • Gnawing
  • Scratching
  • Jumping and running within walls

They make these sounds to communicate, locate food sources, and mark their territory.


Mice cause a lot of damage to your home, such as:

  • Gnawing on wires
  • Chewing through drywall
  • Contaminating food and surfaces with urine, saliva, and droppings

Effective Methods of Mice Removal

Now that you know the typical signs of a mouse infestation, here’s how to remove them from your walls.

Seal Entry Points

This will keep them from entering and re-entering your home. Seal access points with steel wool or wire mesh, especially around vents, pipes, and other openings. Check ducts and eaves as well.

Use Traps Strategically

While traps are an effective way to catch mice in walls, proper trap placement is critical. You’ll want to put them along the base of the wall in their path. Add multiple traps at six-feet intervals, baiting them with peanut butter or seeds. Regularly check, clean and replace the traps as needed.

Eliminate Food Sources

Immediately clean crumbs and spills, and dirty dishes and pans. Store human and pet food in airtight containers, and take out the garbage every day.

Use Mouse-Repelling Scents

There are certain scents that mice find repulsive, such as crushed red pepper flakes and peppermint oil. Place these at entry points to keep them from getting into your home. Reapply every few weeks, as they may become accustomed to the odor over time. Ultrasonic repellents may also work. The key is to create an unwelcoming environment for rodents in your walls.

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