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Strategies For Keeping Spiders Out of Your Office Building Boise, Idaho
Strategies For Keeping Spiders Out of Your Office Building Boise, ID
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June 23, 2024

Spider Control for Your Office: Prevention Tips and Professional Help

Spiders are bad enough when they’re in your home, but they’re even worse when they show up at your place of business. No customer wants to spot a spider infestation when visiting your office building. It’s just not good business! There are things you can do to keep these eight-legged pests out of your office building. But if your efforts fail and you end up with an infestation, you’ll need to call a spider control company in Boise at the first sign of trouble.

Here’s how to safeguard your workspace with pro tips for a spider-free environment.

Understanding Spider Behavior

Before you can prevent spiders, you must first understand their behavior and how they operate. The most common spiders in Boise are grass, hobo, fishing, garden, cellar, and crab spiders. When it comes to venomous spiders, Black Widows are fairly common here too. All spiders seek shelter in undisturbed, damp, dark corners, making their homes in basements, garages and homes.

5 Effective Strategies For Preventing Workplace Spiders

From regular cleaning to sealing cracks, there are many ways you can prevent spiders from becoming your employees!

  1. Get the Office Cleaned Regularly: Clean your office on a weekly basis, or hire someone to do it for you. Keep an eye out for spider webs and be diligent about removing other insects and pests that may attract spiders. Regular office cleaning is a good protocol in general to remove other pests, dirt, debris, and crumbs.
  2. Call Boise Pest Control Services: Your local pest control service can provide preventive treatments to ensure spiders don’t set up shop in your office building. They can then provide reactive treatments when and if you do become overrun with spiders. Prompt, discreet treatment is imperative so as to keep your spider infestation from being broadcasted.
  3. Seal Cracks and Seams: Spiders are often found lurking in wall cracks, which is how they get in and how they hide once there. Spiders don’t need much space at all to live, so when you seal even the smallest cracks, you’re keeping them from entering the space. Spiders also like to spin webs in window joints, so be sure to seal those joints with caulk.
  4. Be Smart About Lighting: Certain lights will attract bugs; where there are bugs, there will be spiders not far away. Switch to yellow bulbs if you can, which don’t seem to attract spiders as much.
  5. Trim Plants Around the Office: A variety of bugs and pests make their homes in office plants as well as shrubs and vegetation surrounding the building. Keep them well-trimmed to keep hiding places to a minimum.

Spider Control by Eco Pest Control in Boise

If your DIY methods fail and you still get spiders, book an inspection and treatment with our Boise pest control technicians. Contact us at 208-600-8734 now for a free quote.

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