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Problem Pests in Spring: Gophers, Voles and Squirrels Boise, Idaho
Problem Pests in Spring: Gophers, Voles and Squirrels in Boise, ID
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May 23, 2024

Spring Pest Control: Gophers, Voles, and Squirrels in Boise, ID

It’s springtime in Boise and you know what that means: more pests and more problems! But while you may think about mice and ants being the poster children for pests, there’s another group out there wreaking havoc this spring: gophers, voles and squirrels. Let’s review why these pests must go, and the best exterminators in Boise, Meridian, Cascade, Donnelly and McCall, ID to do it.

Gophers, voles and squirrels are plaguing Idaho towns right now, from Boise to Donnelly and beyond.


The most challenging part of getting rid of gophers is their wiley nature and propensity to tunnel underground. They pop up when they want something to eat, then duck back down to evade detection. These capable burrowers will construct a tunnel complex comprised of lateral tunnels, a main tunnel, and mounds (crescent-shaped piles of excavated dirt) that appear in clusters.

Unexplained plant decline signals gopher activity. Gophers don’t leave their burrows often but when they do, they feed on surface vegetation, damaging gardens and crops. While active year-round, gophers tunnel in the spring and fall when the soil is moist and easier to dig. In fact, they don’t drink water, but rather get moisture from the plants they eat. Active both day and night, a gopher can consume 60 percent of its body weight each day.


Resembling field mice with short tails, voles have heavy compact bodies, small eyes, and hidden ears. They measure up to eight inches long and feature prominent orange teeth that they use to gnaw plant stems and roots. Also known as meadow mice, voles construct circular tunnels as well as burrow entrances, usually around the perimeter of buildings and driveways.

They chew through grass, leaving highly-visible damage. They also like to eat plant roots, so if you spot dying shrubs and plants, this is a good sign you have voles in your yard. Voles are shy, so it’s rare that you will spot one by chance. They multiply rapidly, which increases the extent of the damage to garden plants, ornamentals, and trees.


There are many squirrel species native to the Boise area, including the red squirrel, flying squirrel, and ground squirrel. These rodents get into your home seeking warmth, food, and a place to have their babies. Once there, they can cause a lot of damage to your home, from damage to electrical wires and outdoor telephone lines outside, to wires, insulation, and walls indoors. Because they chew on wires, they pose a fire risk for your property. Trim back tree limbs six to eight feet from your roofline to discourage their entry.

All of the above pests in Boise are considered nuisance pests, causing damage to plants, gardens, and wires, which is why they need to be removed immediately by a professional.

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