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Strategies For a Bug-Free Kitchen Boise, Idaho
Strategies For a Bug-Free Kitchen Boise, ID
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March 25, 2024

Effective Strategies for Maintaining a Pest-Free Kitchen: Your Ultimate Guide

Your pantry is irresistible to pests of all kinds, from moths to ants. Failure to store food properly and not sweeping up crumbs on a regular basis can all encourage the infestation of critters large and small. Here’s a look at some good strategies for ensuring a bug-free kitchen from your trusted pest control company in Boise.

Pantry Moths

One of the most common pantry pests are Indian meal moths, AKA pantry moths. They get into your home in packaged foods or bags of flour containing insect eggs. Once in your pantry, they will hatch and mature, spawning tiny brown and gray moths measuring up to ⅜ of an inch long.

These eggs are nearly invisible, and most people don’t know they’re even there till they reach the larval stage. They will look like small worms. They are considered silent destroyers of food because they’re so difficult to spot. They are pale white in color, so they can blend in very well with flour or powdered milk.

The worst part is, the female moths often lay their eggs in the packaging facility, which means the adults don’t necessarily need to be present in the food for the eggs to start hatching. This is why you may not see moths before the larvae appear.

  • Leave behind silky webs as they move.
  • Leave behind droppings.
  • Shed skin, leaving egg shells inside the food.

In fact, there could be a few hundred eggs inside your food without you even being aware of it, resulting in a large population of larvae after hatching. They are quite resilient, eating through cardboard or plastic as they go from one source of food to another.


Another big invader of pantries is the ant. Here’s how you can keep them out:

  • Store human and pet food in sealed, reusable containers so ants can’t get in.
  • Clean up around your pet bowl after they eat. This not only keeps rats away but rodents too.
  • Store ripe fruits in the refrigerator instead of on the kitchen counter to prevent swarms of ants.
  • Don’t leave out damp dish towels or mats, as ants are drawn to moisture.
  • Repair leaky pipes. Place a cup over the drain in your kitchen to prevent ants from coming up from there or going down there.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water, particularly around houseplants. Check plants regularly for pests.
  • Sanitize your kitchen every day.
  • Spray peppermint oil and lemon around the kitchen, and sprinkle cinnamon wherever ants congregate. Coffee grounds and cayenne pepper also work as deterrents. Squeeze drops of lemon or orange at entry points.
  • Seal tiny crevices with caulk, replace damaged window and door screens, and replace rotten wood around entry points.

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