Cockroach-treatment pest control Boise, Idaho
Your Cockroach Pest Control Guide Boise, Idaho
Your Cockroach Pest Control Guide Boise, ID
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Oct 20, 2023

Boise Has 4 Common Cockroaches

Cockroaches are an unwelcome sight by any home or business owner, to say the least. Not only are they dirty and ugly, they spread disease and reproduce quicker than rabbits. Because they are hard to kill using traditional methods, it’s best to leave the store-bought stuff alone and just call a trusted cockroach exterminator in Boise first. In the meantime, check out this handy guide to cockroach pest control.

Cockroach Types

The German and American cockroaches are the most common in Boise, but there are other types around too. Here are the most common and how you can identify them.

  • German cockroach: Growing to between ½ and 5/8 inches long, these roaches are characterized by a tan or light brown color and distinctive black stripes behind the eyes. Those stripes will also stretch down their backs.
  • American cockroach: This is the biggest of all the cockroaches, growing to between 1 ¼ inch to 2 1/8 inches long. Reddish-brown in color, you will notice a yellow figure-eight pattern featured on their heads.
  • Brown-banded cockroach: The smallest of the cockroaches, this one only grows to about a half-inch in length. They have banded wings and are brown in color.
  • Oriental cockroach: Shiny and black, and sometimes dark reddish-brown, these roaches grow to one inch long.
  • Causes and Prevention

    Just like any other pest, cockroaches are searching for warmth, food and nesting sites when they enter your home or business. Your best defense is to keep them away in the first place, practicing proper sanitation practices. They aren’t picky, and will even consume soap and glue, so keep your house neat and tidy. Wipe up spills and crumbs in the kitchen as they happen, and secure all opened food in tightly-sealed containers. Oh, and be sure to take out the trash each night.


    Cockroaches are extremely resilient and won’t go quietly into that good night. But you also don’t want to ignore them because you could contract a disease like salmonella or E.coli. Your first instinct upon noticing these critters is to pick up some baits, traps, and sprays from the store. However, these items are unlikely to work on cockroaches, as they are known for surviving nuclear blasts!

    Professional attention is key.

    Cockroaches and Their Babies

  • German cockroaches: They lay between 20 and 40 eggs at a time. The incubation period is 28 days, with each female having the ability to lay 200 young during their life.
  • American cockroaches: These lay 16 eggs at once, and they have an incubation period of 44 days. Females lay up to 14 egg cases, equating to 220 offspring.
  • Oriental cockroaches: Their incubation period is 60 days, and they lay 16 eggs at once. Females lay eight egg cases during their life, resulting in 130 offspring.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches: They lay up to 18 eggs per time, with an incubation period of 40 - 100 days. Females will lay 14 egg sacs during their lives, equating to 200 offspring.
  • All cockroaches, no matter what type, pose health risks for humans, triggering asthma symptoms and allergies, and bringing pathogens into your home. Early detection and treatment is critical.

    Cockroach Exterminator in Boise, ID

    If your home or business is plagued with cockroaches, call our Boise exterminators immediately. We can come out to perform an inspection, provide a free quote and schedule treatment after you contact us at 208-600-8734.

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