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How to Get Rid of Boxelders Boise, Idaho
How to Get Rid of Boxelders Boise, ID
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July 30, 2023

How to Get Rid of Boxelders

Boxelder bugs are nuisance pests that emerge in spring and fall in Boise, ID. They first come out in spring when the weather turns nice and the trees are blooming, then they make a comeback again in fall. These red or orange and black crawling bugs are not dangerous to humans but they are certainly annoying.

In order to minimize your boxelder bug infestation, you have to prevent them from congregating. Heed these tips and then get in touch with a trusted boxelder exterminator in Boise for professional help.

Boxelder Bugs: Defined

Some people call them boxelder beetles, but this isn’t technically correct. Boxelder bugs are actually a species of “true bug” and you will find them on boxelder, ash and maple trees. They are black or dark brown with orange-red wing veins. They only live for a few days, or at most up to a week. Their life cycle comprises three stages:

1. Egg

2. Nymph

3. Adult

During the winter, boxelder bugs go away, but as soon as the warmer temps hit, they re-emerge to cause a ruckus.

Getting Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Here are some helpful tips for keeping these red and black arachnids (Boxelder) away from your home and yard:

Spray Them With Dish Soap

Combine a tablespoon of dish soap and water in a spray bottle. When you spot a lot of these bugs congregating together, spray them with this mixture. Make sure you saturate them so they disperse and then die. Scoop up the dead bugs and dispose of them in the trash. Just don’t crush them: they can emit a foul odor when crushed.

This foul scent is why boxelder bugs have few predators. They also taste pretty bad, which is why even spiders won’t eat them if given a chance.

Clean Surfaces With Dish Soap

Boxelder bugs will gather on heat-reflective surfaces so they can get warm, such as the exterior of a building. Once there, it’s fairly easy for them to get inside your home. To deter them, spray or scrub their hiding spot with soapy water or a scented cleaning solution. This will repel these little annoying bugs and prevent them from returning.

Again, don’t crush them, as this foul-smelling liquid will attract other bugs. If this happens, scrub the area to wash away the pheromones.

Vacuum Them

Vacuum them up and then throw out the bag right away or they will just crawl right back out. Clean the area in which you found them with soapy water.

Seal Doors and Windows

As boxelder bugs congregate, they actually push one another into cracks and gaps in their hiding spots. Once there, they will follow the heat source until they have made their way into the building. Be sure to seal gaps around door and window frames with caulk.

Trim or Remove Box Elder Trees

Boxelder trees attract boxelder bugs, so if this type of tree is on your property and produces “helicopter” seed pods, you can bet it’s attracting boxelders. You may want to remove the entire tree, or at least keep it trimmed regularly. Be sure to rake up or mow fallen seed pods.

Pest Control – Eliminate Boxelder in Boise

Call our Boise pest control company if you think you have a boxelder infestation in or around your home. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote and schedule an inspection when you contact us at 208-600-8734 or fill out our online form.

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